Patent Illustrating at its Finest


Fine Point Patent is a patent illustrating firm located in Troy, Michigan, in the heart of "Automation Alley", where it has been for decades.  Fine Point Patent has been supplying patent attorneys, development engineers, and your everyday inventors with professional quality illustrations for over 20 years.  The ability to create professional patent illustrations is more than being able to create engineering drawings.  It is a combination of technical drawings with a flare of artistry.  Good patent drawings are like a good book.  The drawings must tell the story of the patent which will then make it easier to understand the specification of the patent.  Fine Point Patent creates about 80 sets of patent illustrations a month.  For pricing information, please contact Giulio D'Onofrio and he will be happy to discuss your needs and work with you if you are an Attorney or a private inventor. 

Established in 1986, back in the days of pen and ink illustrations, Fine Point Patent has maintained the artistic flare throughout the years, even with 100% of the illustrations done on the computer.  The integrity and high standards for drawings have been the number one objective to maintain the quality the patent community expects.  Fine Point Patent is staffed with the most talented illustrators that can bring a plain line drawing to life.  Our thousand of illustrations on file are categorized to create a clipart base which allows us to cut down on drawing time and overall expense. We don't have to "recreate the wheel" and can focus on the inventive aspects of the drawings.